Kim Aiello: Newspaper Media Guru

Kim Aiello joins ITM Newspaper Media Buying Service as Executive Vice President

Kim Aiello

In 2017 Kim Aiello joined ITM Newspaper Media Buying Service as Executive Vice President to lead ITM’s newly expanded division of multi-platform newspaper — print, digital and mobile. With almost 20 years experience in advertising agency and newspaper/media buying, Kim Aiello will service a broad category of businesses as a trusted conduit between agencies/clients and the newspaper sector. Aiello oversees a seasoned team at ITM Newspaper Media Buying Service, specializing in newspaper products and services to maximize market penetration and results, by leveraging proficiency in research and targeting.

Kim received her Master of Business Administration from Dowling College. Aiello’s professional validation is the billions of dollars’ worth of newspaper advertising campaigns that she has personally negotiated. “Demand has far from dwindled,” according to Aiello, “and in fact, in an age of unreliable online news content, print-based journalism has the greatest equity with discerning consumers.”

With a cascade of statistics, such as the 24.66 billion-USD projected 2018 expenditure in print advertising spending (© Statista 2018) and the power of print (B2C), she refutes any suggestion that digital outlets have put the newspaper business on the decline.

Publisher Jay Curran of the San Francisco Media Group recognizes Kim as “the rare gem who makes things happen for both her clients and their partners. Her attention to detail is bar none and her tenacity to get things done is exemplary. I would have to say she is the top-tier in her industry.”

“With her masterful negotiating skills, insight and seamless service, she works tirelessly and creatively to deliver the greatest value. In turn, she delivers consistent business to over 2,000 newspapers around the country, so she is an extraordinary asset to the newspaper industry.” According to Jody Merl, President and founder of ITM, “Kim is unrivaled in providing advertisers with the best rates and positioning.”

 Press Release: Kim Aiello delivers the art, numbers, and trust that fuel newspaper media buys.

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